About the food

We knew we were onto a sure thing the first time we served an authentic Italian dinner to guests who were won over by our fresh ingredients and rustic menus.

The gardens surrounding the farmhouse yield luscious Roma tomatoes, shallots, onions, garlic and an astonishing array of herbs. Our goal is to utilize home-grown produce in our Mediterranean-inspired cuisine and a full array of root crops and preserves sustain our kitchen all winter long.

Guests enjoy evening and morning meals which are made to order and slow-food dining is the only rule. In between meals, visitors are welcome to graze through our gardens and pick from the growing orchards of raspberries, strawberries, currants and grapes.

Full or continental breakfasts are included with your stay. Additional meals, including packed lunches, are available upon request. We are always happy to accommodate special diets.


Within just a few weeks of opening the doors to the bed and breakfast in 2011, we had expanded our repertoire to provide the occasional catering service. Today, we offer catering services for groups up to 40 people.

For menus and pricing please contact us at 1-306-563-6077 or lacampagnabb@gmail.com.